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"Free Webinar:  How to Build an App
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Thursday, February 13th

@ 3:00PM PST, 6:00PM EST

Live Training Webinar

App Start-Up Expert: John Driscoll
Live Training Webinar Reveals How App Start-Up Expert John Driscoll has Raised Over $30 Million
Don’t miss your chance to tune in as John Driscoll, Founder & CEO of Naked Development, shares his trade secrets on how to build an app without funding.

John has helped hundreds of companies create apps that have been downloaded millions of times and generated billions in app revenue.

In this live webinar, John shows you how to take your app idea and build it into a 7 figure company. He shares the easy steps of how you can formulate your app idea, raise money and start a profitable app company.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in the LIVE WEBINAR:
  • App Hacking – learn how to have a better eye for unpacking other successful apps in and out of your industry to mimic best practices.
  • Monetization Strategies – understand the 5 most common forms of app monetization and see which best suits you.
  • Growing Users – Building and launching your app is just the start, you don’t have a company if you don’t have any users.
  • First-to-Market Myth – ​​If you’re first to market great, and if you’re not, even better, find out why.
  • ​​Raising Funds – There are stages to raising funds and ways to go about it to help you get the ball rolling.

Thursday, February 13th

@ 3:00PM PST, 6:00PM EST
FREE TRAINING WEBINAR - OC & LA's Premier CREATIVE Development Agency
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